In living up to our commitment to be Catholic colleges under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries we give prominence in all discernment and action to our:

Love Justice Compassion Hope
Enduring Story
Jesus, and his life, ministry and the values of the Gospel
Expressive Story
How this story and these values are given expression in the prophetic response of Venerable Mary Aikenhead and the Congregation through their charism, ministry and tradition
Evolving Story
how we today work with these legacies in an interpretive manner that carries our faith, spirituality and tradition purposefully forward to meet the challenges revealed in the signs of the times

In doing so we celebrate who we are and where we have come from, but also look to our future with hope and joy, confident of our fidelity to who we are and assured of our ability to be who we must become. We become a prophetic people of faith, blessed to walk in the companionship of Jesus and devoted to living a renewed charism and spirituality in, and for our, world.